WG Presents ViewMasters a 24 Hour Fundraising Event


The World Guardians, in association with The Ready Room, are proud to announce a ridiculously awesome start to your 4th of July Weekend…

Viewmasters: A 24-Hour LiveStream Event For “Hope For Young Adults With Cancer”

What is this you ask?  You will be taking part in a portion of our 24-hour viewing of none other than the Nicolas Cage masterpiece, and 4th of July favorite, ‘National Treasure’!

Audience participation, raffles, games, & prizes are just the tip of the iceberg.

Moon (Gold Finger, Greek Fire, Story of the Year) from The Rizzuto Show will shave off King Scott’s mustache if we raise $2,000. 

The World Guardians will take the stage, with a number of incredible guests throughout the evening, to provide live commentary on this magical film. Guests will include local radio  personalities, comedians, history professors(Rizzuto, Moon, Jeff Burton, Donny Fandango), and more (Dan Marsala, Kenny Kinds, etc). Who knows, maybe even Mr. Cage himself will be calling in to talk to the crowd. You’ll only know for sure if you show up!

The best part about this event is that it will be raising money for a charity that we World Guardians hold very close to our hearts, “Hope For Young Adults With Cancer”. Money from the Live Audience Event, and any collected during our LiveStream Event as well, will go directly to this charity. Members of the charity will also be on hand to discuss the charity with you, and where your money is going. Visit hope4yawc.org for more info.

The event will take place at The Ready Room, July 1st from 7pm-12am. Tickets are $20 online or at the door. Visit the link below for more info.


You can also buy tickets from any of the Guardians directly, or simply donate $20 to the charity through any one of us, and then we can allow another lucky soul to enjoy your ticket.

The bar will be open until 3am, so please feel free to stay even later to have a drink with us, and to tell us if you enjoyed the event.

We look forward to seeing you all there and partaking in ‘The Greatest Adventure History Has Ever Revealed’…or at least us discussing it.

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