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We got the inside scoop on the hottest ice cream story ever and more. Shocking story about Joey’s tragic hot air balloon mishap. King Scott shares his favorite Valentine cards. DB’s Das Boot releases numerous animal stories this week. Two lovable house dogs set home a blaze. The cat bird. Get super moist as Stone steps into the entertainment news realm by offering his review of upcoming flick. Pray.

Texas middle schooler calls stripper to school as prank

via UPI – Officials with a Texas school district said a middle school student is being disciplined after hiring a stripper to perform at school.
  Jenny LaCoste-Caputo, a spokeswoman for Round Rock Independent School District, said the stripper arrived at the address where she had been hired to perform about 11:30 a.m. and realized it was Noel Grisham Middle School.
  “Our staff (I handled my staff) handled the situation with the utmost decorum and professionalism,” Principal Paige Hadziselimovic said in an email to parents. “While regrettable, the incident had no negative impact on any students, other than the student who is responsible.”

Rescued blue jay at Florida sanctuary meows like a cat

 via UPI A rescued blue jay at a Florida sanctuary was recorded showing off one of its more unusual skills — perfectly mimicking a cat’s meow.
   The sanctuary said Flop picked up the skill while she was being kept as an exotic pet in a house with cats.
   “Flop is an example of what happens when human beings attempt to illegally keep and raise wildlife as a pet,” the center said in a Facebook post. “If she were to be released in the wild, Flop would be unable to survive. Flop is now a non-releasable permanent resident at our Wild Bird Sanctuary.”


Security camera records family dog starting fire in kitchen

via SFGate A Massachusetts fire department shared a homeowner’s security camera footage of a pancake-loving dog igniting a house fire.
   The Southwick Fire Department posted a video to Facebook showing what happened when a family dog climbed on the stove to snatch some leftover pancakes while its owners were away.
  “Unfortunately, the dog hit the ignition button on the gas stove,” the post said. “Within minutes you will see the item on stove begin to ignite.”
   The department said the dog was rescued and the home was spared serious damage thanks to a monitored alarm system that brought emergency responders to the house.
   “If you have pets or young children (or interns) in the home look into safety covers for your stove controls,” the Facebook post said.


Would you dare try the ‘world’s most dangerous ice cream’ that is so hot, you have to sign a disclaimer to eat it?

via Mirror A Glasgow cafe is dishing out scoops of the insanely spicy dessert, named Respiro Del Diavolo (Breath of the Devil) especially for Valentine’s Day .
  But the frozen treat is so spicy that customers must be 18 years of age and sign a legal waiver before it is handed over the counter.
  The disclaimer says eating the ice cream “could be a risk of personal injury, illness & possible loss of life”.
  And staff at The Aldwych Caf even need to wear gloves when they dish out scoops.
  The handmade treat comes in at a whopping 1,569,300 SHU on the Scoville scale – a measurement of the pungency of chilli peppers.
  It means the ice cream is 500 times hotter than Tabasco sauce.
  The family business based in Glasgow, says the idea behind it comes from Italy.



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