This is the Super Special Halloween Special show.

There are many a spooky bits and segments on this episode so beware. The incredibly talented, Kasey (NOW 96.3 FM) returned to the show to help direct and try to salvage the WG Theatre. You can listen to her every week night on her show on NOW 96.3.

Is there any hope for King Scott using Tinder to find a date? Who will help him? We step into a spooky Das Boot news segment covering everything from large balls to coat hanger cameras in bathrooms. Wade gives us a new segment called Wade A Minute. Carlie’s Conspiracy Hour showed that the Illuminati wants to end Kesha’s career and more. Which leads to the take down of the Illuminati’s big guns like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey.

Tiny Kitten ‘Needs A Butthole,’ And A Cat Rescue Group Is Trying To Help

VIA HuffPo: In many ways, Cluck is like any other 10-day-old kitten: She’s sweet, adorable and is learning to crawl around.
But the one way she is different has life-threatening effects: She was born without a butthole.
Cluck, who was rescued from the Los Angeles streets with her mother and other members of her litter, suffers from a condition called an imperforate anus.
That means her urine and feces come out of the same hole, according to Shawn Simons of the Kitty Bungalow Charm School for Wayward Cats, a street cat rescue clinic.
Cluck’s condition was discovered four days ago, and she needs an operation very soon or she will die, Simons said.

“Right now, she’s nursing off her mom, so her poop is very liquidy,” Simons told HuffPost. “When she gets on harder food, it will be impossible for poop to pass through.”

Man with THREE FOOT penis has life-changing surgery to reduce size of his 11lb testicles

VIA Mirror: A man has undergone life-saving surgery to reduce the size of his 11lbs testicles and THREE FOOT penis that had grown so large he couldn’t wear normal clothes.
Horace Owiti Opiyo, known as Forence to friends, was left with testicles twenty times the average size after a growth continued to get larger despite surgery to remove it.
The 20-year-old first noticed a cyst on his genitals in 2006 and had surgery in 2007 but the growth came back and his penis grew to almost a metre long, weighing 5kgs.
He dropped out of school because of the condition and was later diagnosed with scrotal elephantiasis.
This can be caused by a mosquito bite injecting larvae into the bloodstream, which then grow into parasitic worms blocking the body’s drainage system and causing swelling.


If you see this coat hook in a public toilet or changing room, leave immediately and report it!

VIA Mirror: What look like regular coat hooks being placed in women’s public toilets might be far more sinister.
Usually if we don’t have anything to hang up, we don’t give a second glance to the hooks on the back of doors.
But you might want to look more closely at hooks in public restrooms and dressing rooms, if police reports are anything to go by.
Last year a force in Florida warned that clothing hooks with tiny cameras inside were being attached to walls in women’s public toilets, including one at a beach.
The ‘spy’ hooks – which are also readily available to buy in the UK – look innocent enough but contain miniature cameras inside, which film through a small hole at the top of the plastic.


This ‘Alien-Infested’ Desert Ranch Can Be All Yours For $5 Million

via HuffPo: A 10-acre desert ranch is up for grabs in Arizona, with the unique property listed as featuring an in-ground swimming pool, a hay barn and a constant stream of extraterrestrials that travel through a backyard portal.
The Stardust Ranch in Rainbow Valley, which was featured on the Travel Channel program “Ghost Adventures” in 2016, is on the market for a cool $5 million after its current owner said he grew tired of fighting off aliens’ malevolent abductions.

“Almost immediately from the day we moved in, we began to have strange experiences,” owner John Edmonds told Phoenix-station KPNX.

Over the last 20 years, Edmonds claims that he’s been abducted and had medical experiments performed on him by the aliens — and even had to slay a few in Samurai sword fights.
As exciting as it all may sound, he said it has not been a positive experience for him as he purchased the property to take care of rescue horses. Instead, he claims the aliens have harmed not only him and his wife but the animals.


Illuminati wanted to put an end to Kesha’s career

via WattPad: Kesha released a song called “Die Young,” and many people were upset because it released during the time of the Sandy Hook tragedy, where many young children lost their lives. In her video, there was were Illuminati symbols such as triangles, the all-seeing eye, and also symbols of Satanism.

Due to people’s responses, Kesha tweeted, ” I did NOT want to sing those lyrics and I was FORCED to.” The tweet was taken down immediately. Kesha then did an interview where she was asked if she’s working for the Illuminati. She said, “It’s so much worse than they think. I’m really the leader of the Illuminati. That’s true.”

The Moon Landings Were Faked

via TIME: It’s now been nearly four decades since Neil Armstrong took his “giant leap for mankind” — if, that is, he ever set foot off this planet. Doubters say the U.S. government, desperate to beat the Russians in the space race, faked the lunar landings, with Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin acting out their mission on a secret film set, located (depending on the theory) either high in the Hollywood Hills or deep within Area 51. With the photos and videos of the Apollo missions only available through NASA, there’s no independent verification that the lunar landings were anything but a hoax.

I’m SHOOK over this Lindsay Lohan conspiracy theory

via By now, you’ve seen the latest resurgence of the Avril Lavigne body-double conspiracy theory. It’s been covered before, but a Twitter thread posted this weekend reignited the debate, spawning hundreds of tweets and even more thinking emojis.
But now, on the heels of this intriguing mystery, Twitter user and Lohan stan @drugproblem has introduced us to a new conspiracy theory about Lindsay Lohan…and her twin who was murdered by Disney.