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Police forced to stop interrogating suspect after he continually farts replies

via UPI US police were forced to bring their interrogation with a suspect on drugs and gun charges to a swift end after he continually replied to their questions with FARTS.

Sean Sykes Jnr was being questioned over intent to sell cocaine and being in possession of a firearm in Kansas City, Missouri, when the bizarre incident occurred.

In his report, which emerged at court on Monday for a different crime, the detective interviewing the 24-year-old wrote: “Mr Sykes leaned to one side of his chair and released a loud fart before answering with the address.

“Mr. Sykes continued to be flatulent and I ended the interview.”

Mr Sykes denied the accusations and no charges were filed following the interrogation in September.


Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon spotted on Google Maps

via HuffPo – Han Solo doesn’t have to worry about remembering where he parked the Millennium Falcon — eagle-eyed Star Wars fans spotted the spaceship in a Google Maps satellite view of farmland in Britain.

Twitter user Andi Durrant posted about the find Wednesday. He said he discovered the famed ship after searching for Longcross Studios in Surrey on Google Earth and scrolling to farmland to the east.

The spaceship appears to be covered with a tarp and shielded from ground-level view by a number of shipping containers stacked around it.

Stu White, a motion-capture specialist who works for Pinewood Studios, which worked on Star Wars: The Force Awakens, shared another Google Maps image showing the Millennium Falcon while it was being built for the film.


Guess The Humongous Amount A Canada Goose Can Poop In A Day

via HuffPo – For a Canada goose, one good turd deserves another.

An adult bird can poop around 2 pounds a day, according to The Detroit Free Press.

We’re impressed ― and disgusted.

The newspaper relayed this intriguing bit of information in a larger story about how the geese are creating a hazard in Michigan. But their crap-acity stood out. A 160-pound human, for instance, reportedly produces about a pound of excrement daily. An adult Canada goose weighs generally between 6.6 and 19.8 pounds, National Geographic notes, yet can dump twice as much.


Walmart Shopper Who Broke His Hip Picking Out A Watermelon Awarded $7.5 Million

An Alabama jury has decided that the Army veteran who broke his hip while picking out a watermelon at a Walmart store should receive $7.5 million.

Retired Sgt. Henry Walker was 59 in June 2015 when he went shopping at a Walmart in Phenix City, Alabama,. As Walker reached for the watermelon, his foot got stuck in the side of a wooden pallet under the display. That led him to fall and shatter his hip.

Walker’s attorney,said the injury permanently changed his client’s life: He used to play basketball three days a week and now must use a walker to get around. Walker sued Walmart for negligence and wantonness, arguing that the store had not kept its premises reasonably safe.

This past Wednesday, the jury awarded Walker $2.5 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages.


The First Person Is Already Lined Up For Black Friday and Has Been Since Last Tuesday

This guy REALLY wants to save $350 on a TV, and maybe also get a Blu-Ray of “Moana” for $8.

There’s a guy who’s already camping out in front of a Best Buy in Laredo, Texas for Black Friday.  And apparently he put his tent down last Tuesday, so as far as we know, he was the first person in the country to start lining up.

When a news reporter went to interview him, he didn’t want to be on camera or give his name . . . maybe he’s self-aware enough to know what he’s doing is stupid?  He also didn’t say what he’s hoping to buy.


What Happens If You Accidentally Put Diesel Fuel in Your Car?

What if you’re clueless 16-year-old accidentally filled your car up with DIESEL fuel?  Well, the good news is that probably won’t happen.

The nozzles on diesel pumps are slightly bigger the ones on regular pumps.  So unless you have a really old car, they won’t fit in your gas tank. But if you did somehow get diesel fuel in your tank, it wouldn’t be good.

Gas engines use spark plugs to ignite the fuel.  Diesel engines do it with compression. That’s one reason they need different types of fuel.  And the two fuels really ARE different. It’s not like Coke vs. Pepsi.

If you somehow ended up with diesel fuel in your car, it wouldn’t run for very long.  It might go for a while if there was still some gas mixed in there.  But pretty soon it would start making weird noises.  And eventually it wouldn’t work at all.

Best case scenario, you’d have to flush the whole system, and replace some parts. Depending on the car, that might cost between $500 and $1,500.  Or you might have to replace the whole engine.  Obviously that would cost a lot more.

So if you ever do end up with diesel fuel in your car, don’t drive it.  Turn the engine off, and have it towed to a mechanic.  Otherwise you’ll just make the damage worse.