Harvey Weinstein Releases Opera Album Amid Sexual Harassment Claims


Hollywoods favorite bad boy, Harvey Weinstein, releases opera album in hopes to curve the bad press regarding the potential bogus sexual harassment claims.

‘His face is Pavarotti, his voice is Susan Boyle,’ said local twitter fan, Blumpkin420. ‘I wish he’d release a second album right now.’

Recorded in early October, 2017, the album has been a surprise hit in Germany for the vocalist. According to various claims the album was recorded to help show the softer side of Harvey.

‘From now on I want to swoon women the right way,’ explained Harvey Weinstein. ‘It won’t be long till they are begging to bathe me. I’m done jacking around. I learned my lesson.’

His album, ‘Hey Momma, Look At This,’ is now available at all fine retailers.

Photo source here - "The Weinstein Co has fired co-Chairman Harvey Weinstein, effective immediately, following reports of sexual harassment allegations against the executive, who was one of Hollywood's biggest power brokers, the film production company said on Sunday. (Reuters/Sangameswaran S)"