WG Presents King Scott of St Louis Tries Crown Royal


King Scott (Rizzuto Show) the King of St Louis, has long searched for a drink that will keep him sober and yet able to partake in a finer beverage.

Thankfully there is a whisky called Crown Royal that was created just for a man of power. Does this mean our favorite royal can drink as much as he likes with out getting drunk, hammered, and cause shame to his STL family name?

A quote from the King of St Louis;
“To be a king is to be royal, to be royal is to be a king. Enjoy the drink of kings with a king. Royally.”

The World Guardians have loads of new videos in the can and will be release the new content over the next few weeks.

In this video also stars, Ben Vogelsang, Ben Wade, and Joseph Goldsmith.